I never thought August would get here so that I could share these bridal pictures with you all!!

I’ve had to keep these gorgeous images under lock and key until Katy got married this past weekend and let me tell you, it was NOT easy.  I’ve decided that no matter what you do, as long as you’ve got a gorgeous bride, in a great dress, a sunset, and a horse the pictures are pretty much gonna come out amazing no matter what you do!

Again, our brides are SO awesome! And Katy was such a trooper with her wedding dress and being brave enough to get out in an open field with a horse! 😉  Thanks Katy!  And thanks to the sweet people at V8 Ranch for letting us shoot on their land and use “Caprock” their sweet horse!! Aric and I always find new places and we’re like “gosh, this would be a great place for a wedding!!” And we think it would be the cutest place for a little country/ranch wedding!

Anyway, on to the pictures!!  After Katy’s session I am a full believe in Cathedral length veils! It was just WAY too much fun, and way to pretty in all the pictures!!

Katy’s dad is a Lubbock Firefighter! So we started the session off at one of the firestations! It was pretty cool!


Love these next few…

And now onto the V8 Ranch.


i love that last series. such warmth and prettiness!

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