Woo Hoo!! Our first 2011 senior!! And hopefully not our last! LOL.

Kayla was so much fun to hang out with!  She is crazy beautiful and has a heart of gold.  AND she’s a volleyball all-star! 😉 Listening to her talk about her aspirations and dreams got me thinking about my own.  She’s one inspiring girl and I know she’s going to do great things in her future! Besides being our first 2011 Senior, we are also excited about the awesome opportunity to mentor her for her senior seminar class!  We are so excited to get to show her all about running and photography business and hopefully teach her something new.  (And Aric is bound and determined to help her make like 110 on her projects) (Even if the teacher isn’t offering extra credit) LOL (I love him!)

Anyway, I’m excited to introduce you to Shallowater High School Senior, Kayla!

** Favorites! Kayla, You are GORGEOUS! 🙂

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