Her sister made her toast to Kelsey and Brian remembering back to the first time she knew that her little sister was different. She was in love.

Giddy, excited, smiling and laughing like never before, being around Brian and Kelsey was like falling in love all over again.  They made me look over to my husband and get butterflies, made me want to step in a little closer, made me want to hold his hand and cuddle up in his arms.  I know I say this a lot about our couples, but Brian and Kelsey truly do adore one another.  He stands with her by his side and knows that he can conquer the world as long as she’s right there with him.  And she looks to him like he hung the moon and he’s the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on.

“We’re MARRIED!!” She kept saying over and over and literally jumping up and down during their portraits after the ceremony.  Giddy, excited, smiling and laughing like never before…different. In love.

Congrats Kelsey & Brian! We are so happy for you two, and so thankful to be a part of your special day!

Aric + Casey

this wedding was extra special because Dillon (Aric’s best friend & Army Ranger) was able to be a part of it! He was a dancin’ machine and we’ve got way too many pictures like this next one…

and the dancing at this reception was exceptional! 🙂 so much fun!

I have never seen so many rose petals…so many that you can hardly see the bride and groom! haha

And last but not least…We decided to have a little “dance off” with these next two guys.  It was just entirely too hard to us to decide on our own- who was the better dancer of the night, and we thought you guys might enjoy giving your two cents about it.  So here’s dancer #1:

and Dancer #2

Thanks guys, for making our job more fun! 😉


[…] We slept in late, played games of scramble on our phones in bed, then got up and made cinnamon rolls and had coffee…all the while brainstorming ideas of what to do with the beautiful snowy weather.  So we called around and finally found some friends who weren’t in class or at work and planned a super fun outing with them, and it just so happened that couple was one of our most recent newlyweds, Brian & Kelsey!! […]

such a fun post! love the couple shots. my vote is for dancer #1. 🙂

I am so loving these. I never think I can love your pictures anymore, but I do! Ah! PS Dancer Numero 2 has my vote!

oh wow those made me SO happy. i’m so glad dillon got to be there! looks like he made everything 500% more fun, as usual 🙂

such fun reception shots!

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