After having children of my own I realized…SO much change happens is such a short amount of time! It’s so easy to get busy and let the time slip by.  But all of that change is so important! And it’s so beautiful to document it!  We talked about doing a maternity session for J’Layne and I was BEYOND excited!  She opted to let me book hair and makeup for her so that she didn’t have to do any fussing over herself and she got to relax and enjoy a little “me” time before her shoot! (I love spoiling my clients!)  After that we started with some glamorous maternity portraits of just J’Layne in the studio! I mean…IS SHE STUNNING OR WHAT?! From there we met up with the rest of her family to finish off the maternity shoot and document that incredibly sweet little baby bump!  A few weeks later I got the call that sweet Caleb had made his arrival and this super mom braved the road trip with her newborn to come back for Caleb’s newborn session.  I will never tire of meeting these precious new lives and documenting the new relationships that are forming because of it!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen sisters more proud of their baby brother!

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