i feel like i sound like a broken juke box…because i just can’t think of anything else to say when i post engagement sessions except- I LOVE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS!!…
and then i would normally go into all the many million reasons why i love engagement sessions so much
– and then you would probably think
– okay, okay, we’ve heard it all already…
so i’ll spare you my spill on engagement sessions for now- and let you enjoy some of our favorites from leslie & cade’s session.
This was the first session of the fall that was actually a little chilly!!! I had to break out my jacket, and I of course got to wear my boots.
boots make everything better. 🙂
on to the photos…

be sure and check back SOOON…I’m so close to having Stacy & James’ wedding ready…and I’m also dying to post some pictures of our bride this weekend…she totally rocked it out for her bridal session!!!
aric + casey

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