I’ll never forget the toasts from Saturday night.  They sum up, basically who Leslie and Cade are.  She’s a firecracker- someone that is guaranteed to make you laugh, excited about life, tell you what’s on her mind, make sarcastic jokes- Firecracker.  And he’s a little more reserved, someone that will stand by her side, laugh with her and be a calm voice of reason.  Overall- they balance each other out.  And I will just never get enough of Love… or “I do’s”, first dances, toasts, grand entrances and exits, getaway cars, flowers, music, dances, and of course…Cake!  Really though, this weekend was just another simple reminder that I love weddings and I love getting to be a part of them!  Okay now on to the pictures!


Aric + Casey

Seriously?!?! Leslie’s Kate Spade shoes were to die for! SO much fun!

one last run of lipstick before walking down that aisle!!

hahaha!!! These kids put on quite the show after they walked down the aisle! I LOVE this candid that Aric caught in the back while they were waiting to walk down.

I know it looks like Leslie is probably wiping a tear away…but really-I think she was laughing here… 🙂

The little chapel at The Legacy was Beautiful!

we stole the newly married couple away for a few quick portraits before heading to the reception!

The reception area- was insane! The decor was awesome!!

Here are those toasts I was talking about…

4 FRAMES PHOTOBOOTHS was a HUGE hit at this wedding!!! Here’s the bride with her bridesmaids in the booth! (P.S. if you’re on Facebook- scroll up to the top of our blog and become a fan of both Aric + Casey Photography and 4 Frames Photobooths! We’re having a giveaway just as soon as 4 Frames reaches 500 fans!! You don’t wanna miss out!!)

and of course ELEMENT was rocking it out! They are so much fun! If you need a band for your wedding give them a call!

Here’s another group in the PHOTOBOOTH

Time for the grand exit.  Yes- those ARE tortillas being thrown at our bride and groom! 🙂

Congrats you guys!!! Hope ya’ll have a blast in Cancun!!!


I would not hire Element. We hired them for our wedding in June of 08 and they canceled 2 weeks before our wedding to go do a family reunion. We had already paid the deposit and everything. Try finding a band in June 2 weeks before your wedding, it is impossible. We ended up have to settle for this other band that wasn’t near as good. They are good but be careful because they have no business etiquette.

YAY for the PHOTOBOOTH! i love that it was a big hit…

LOVE these!! you guys are just so darn good.

That’s where my brother’s wedding was, before they sold it to the YWCA. It’s so beautiful, I just love that big organ!

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