Wow. Have I really not blogged in a whole month? :-/

It seems like every summer I learn a new angle in the life of being a self-employed photographer.  It feels like every conversation goes something like this: “You guys are really busy, huh?” Or… “This is your busy season, right? Are ya hangin’ in there.” To be 100% truthful- I hate those conversations. I hate saying over and over “We’re so busy”. It feels like a complaint, and I absolutely want nothing to do with that. Although most of those conversations end in… “Well, that’s a good thing that you’re busy.” I still feel like it doesn’t give justice to what life is really like.  Sorry if none of this is making sense… I have a tendency to write or think in fragments and although most of the time it makes sense to me in my head- it doesn’t always translate on paper. What I’m trying to say is… Life is good. It’s really good.  And when I say that, I’m by no means bragging. It’s hard, that’s a fact. There are days that I do want to wallow in the sorrows of “being so busy” and overwhelmed, and behind, and worried, and the list goes on.  But that way of thinking never got anyone anywhere. No matter how busy, how far behind, how worried or overwhelmed I am there is one constant. I am so blessed.  I am loved.  And my God is really really good. Grace is poured out on me and my life in the most incredible ways. My life, my love, my friends, my family…Busyness, the unknown, the weight of life and the acknowledgement that I’m not in control, I don’t have it all together and I’m failing daily to do the right things- all evidences of grace in my life and I’m so so thankful.

Here is just a glimpse of our summer so far:

Shot lots of weddings and sessions (so grateful for this blessing and for all of our clients)

Hired a new associate shooter for ACP (who is amazing, who we love, and who makes our job that much more enjoyable every day)

Moved (within Lubbock, not planning on leaving anytime soon!)

Attended a friend’s wedding in Houston

Visited Family in DFW & ABQ

Shot a promo video for Je-T’adore in Albuquerque

Set up and coordinated with College Flowers and Miss New Mexico as well as Los Poblamos Lavender Farm in Albuquerque for a styled shoot

Filled up an 8 terabyte Drobo

Shot newborn and maternity sessions for lots of past wedding clients (which was so fun!)

Shot more boudoir and beauty session in these few months than I have all year! (exciting)

Almost finalized a new blogsite for our photo booth company 4 Frames (coming soon)

Sat at my desk in front of the computer editing for hours at a time (and still have many hours ahead of me, thank goodness for Pandora radio! 😉 )

Helped friends announce they were pregnant with photos & video

Spent a week with Aric’s “brother” while he was on leave from being an army ranger

Spent that same week cherishing time with dear friends before they moved to Boston for 2 years

Got a bodyworks membership and started working out on a regular basis

Grown friendships with incredible people that we love dearly

Celebrated 3 beautiful/trying/refining/and exciting years of marriage

Were constantly encouraged by our amazing clients, complete strangers, a text or an email from someone who kindly took the time to tell us we were doing a good job (especially on the days that we don’t feel like we are)

I know I could keep going, but kind of doubt that anyone besides my mom (:) hi mom) is still reading this far… The bottom line is I’m thankful, and I’m gladly working hard to “catch up” and start sharing again more images from the shoots and weddings we’ve been so blessed to be a part of.

Thanks for believing in us. 🙂



You guys ARE doing a great job!! You are absolutely right, you are still loved and blessed by a God whose grace covers all our weaknesses! Everybody gets busy and it’s so hard to keep up sometimes when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted…just make sure you guys are taking care of YOU, too! Take some time for yourselves; we (your greatful clients) will understand, promise 🙂

Yep, I was still reading! I love to read all about what is going on in your heart and head and life. I am amazed each and every time I open your website and see your wonderful work. So so thankful.

Hey, sister reads this too! And yes, we are so blessed! We love you two and are so proud of all your hard work and dedication! You inspire me sis!

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