I still can’t believe I’m actually here in Sunny San Diego!!! So far the workshop has been AMAZING. I’ve learned a ton, written 11 pages of notes, taken 550 pictures, had lessons in photoshop, manual shooting, etc., etc. And the lamest thing I’ve done all day is taken a Spanish quiz online! Lol. -Having to deal with reality is definitely not fun when you’re away from it! But I’m feeling plenty accomplished. I’m exhausted. It’s 9:00 here, but 11:00 back at home with all you guys-so I’m thinkin’ it’s time for bed while everyone else is wide awake!! We had the cutest model today! And you will never believe this but she was 27, and is 3 months pregnant with her first baby!!! How cool!!- Here are a few of my favorites from today…
more to come from tomorrow!! 🙂

*I miss you, Aric!!!

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Rachel Brooke
November 18, 2008
These are phenomenal! WOW! (And no, I can't believe shes pregnant.)
November 19, 2008
Awesome pics. Looks beautiful there. I bet you were jealous of her outfit.