i am blessed.
some days, when i actually take the time to look up from my desk and look around at all the blessings in my life-i can hardly believe it. i get so busy just going, going, going, that i hardly take the time to step back and let it all sink in.
thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with a partner for life-that reminds me of all of those things.
although, he’s done his fair share of BIG things throughout our relationship-it’s the small things that i love the most.
Don’t get me wrong here! I’m a sucker for the scavenger hunt proposal, the surprise salsa dancing lessons, the flowers on the hood of my car when I get to it in the morning…just because, the midnight run to get a slurpee on my birthday, the surprise of winning me a spot at Love Affair with the making of a giant engagement ring out of a tractor tire…(the list goes on…)

all that stuff is almost unbelievable to me at times…but it’s the small stuff that really gets me. The fixing me lunch before class because i got too caught up in editing the last wedding that i ran out of time to do it myself, the “i miss you” text messages i receive approximately 10 minutes after leaving his house, the voice on the other end of the line that answers “YAAAY!!!!” instead of just “hey”, the dance moves that he knows will always make me laugh, the “I’m sorry” after a disagreement, and the “I love you’s” any time, all the time…

well…we’ve got another one to add to the list of big things- 🙂
sunday, our dear friend brittany took some bridal pictures for me! i showed up to her house with my mom, the gown on, make-up done, hair ready, and veil in hand. brit walked out of her house holding something fluffy and white-and proceeded to tell me that she had been Aric’s head model for the last couple hours and that Aric had made me a birdcage veil.

*I had been planning to have 2 veils for our wedding (the traditional, and then a fun birdcage for the reception) but couldn’t find a birdcage that worked for me, so I gave up. But Aric had not. He was determined to get me what I wanted-and ladies and gentlemen…he did.
Here’s a little sneak peak that Brit put on her blog… along with a shot that I took of the veil for this blog.

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June 23, 2009
WHAT?!!!! Just awesome, I think he is a keeper.
June 23, 2009
Goodness... you have the sweetest guy ever.
June 24, 2009
oh my gosh so romantic...does he have brothers!!! haha hopefully i'll get to see you at the next book club!!
June 25, 2009
Aric, I asked Casey what planet you were from. lol I was totally blown away by what you did for her. You know me it made me want to cry. Keep makin' my baby happy!
Brandi Natividad
June 25, 2009
Tell Aric I am so sorry I did not call him back. He called me about material for the birdcage veil but I did not get his message till late that night. He did a great job, I am very impressed!
June 28, 2009
way to go aric!

not sure how you are going to keep topping yourself once you're married, but you're creative so i'm sure you will come up with something.