I can hardly believe that today is our 1 month anniversary!! ONE MONTH!! I remember counting down the 1 month to get to our wedding- oh how long and agonizing that month felt, and now just like the saying goes- “time flies when you’re havin’ fun”-the time really is just flying by…
Who knew you could cram pack so much love and laughter and exciting new things into a single month! It’s simply a blast to walk through life every single day with your best friend standing right there beside you. We have been learning so much and making a lot of changes around the house and (more exciting for you guys)-the business!! 😉
That’s right, change is coming-it’s a slow process as we dig deeper to learn more about ourselves, each other, and the reasons the Lord is blessing our business as we trust Him with it…but I can assure you, the outcome will be out of this world AWESOME…and we can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂
But for now, life is sweet. And although it’s nowhere near perfect, we count our many blessings every single day and today-as we round out the 1st month of being married-I was thankful for our little toothbrush holder, and the 2 little toothbrushes that it holds… It’s a daily reminder for me that I’m beyond lucky to be sharing every single thing in life with my best friend-even the small things-like our toothbrush holder…

So maybe the next time you see your toothbrush holder, you will think to go give your loved one a big hug and kiss and remind them of how thankful you are for them…

aric + casey

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September 1, 2009
*sigh...you 2 never cease to amaze me! i love you guys and i'm so thankful for so many people!
September 1, 2009
marriage is brillyant!!
September 1, 2009
congrats you two!
September 2, 2009
Who would think that a picture of toothbrushes would make your Mom want to cry... If we could all learn to appreciate the little things in life the world would be a much better place. We are blessed!
September 3, 2009
well said and beautifully written. congrats you guys.
September 8, 2009
dude...seriously...you are a blessing. thanks for sharing. and you are so absolutely right!! marriage is wonderful and its the little things that remind you of it. i think that you and i need to go spend some time for ourselves together soon. how i do miss the hours on end that we used to do that for. have a great day! love you twin!