I have a confession to make…  I used to really not like shooting bridal portraits.  :/

I know. Crazy right?  There was just something that was stuck in my head about the old boring traditional “bridal portrait” that was displayed at wedding receptions and in the beginning-that is what I thought we HAD to shoot…or else someone would be disappointed!

Well thanks to our awesome brides…and just breaking in to our own style in general I now LOVE shooting bridal portraits.  They rank quite closely to Engagement sessions which are my favorite and that’s a big deal!!

There’s just something about a woman, all done up, in love that is absolutely breathtaking!  And yes, our brides are breathtaking to begin with, but I’ve fallen in love with shooting the intimate, sweet, romantic, simplicity that is a bride.

And now on to the pictures of one of those beautiful brides! 🙂

This one (below) is what Lynsie chose for her “bridal portrait” aaaand…I LOVE it! So feirce. So beautiful. Simple. and Stunning.  I witnessed it take her groom’s breath away as he walked by it at the reception for the first time. Literally. 🙂

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