it has seemed like a lifetime since we have gotten to take engagement photos-and this session was a breath of fresh air.
engagements are my favorite… for a few reasons…
but the main reason-is we get to meet and hang out with people like maggie and kurt.
couples-head over heels, happy, in-love, and excited about life…
it’s sessions like these-where i get in the car in between locations and want to giggle, hold hands with, and kiss my husband…
and it’s perfect…

Maggie & Kurt’s love story is probably one of my favorites-but for all you girls out there who love proposal stories…all I have to say is…Kurt proposed in Paris. period. 🙂

Enjoy some of our faves from their session!!
aric + casey

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Brittany Strebeck
September 21, 2009
aww i LOVE the last one! such a happy photo. i can feel the love fo sho
September 22, 2009
LOVE the one with the red scarf things! cute!