I can’t even begin to tell you what an honor it was to get to shoot Megan’s bridal portraits at her parents BEAUTIFUL historic home here in Lubbock! Not to mention the wedding, too!  And if Megan wasn’t gorgeous enough on her own, every detail from her dress that she got at Brides in Amarillo, to her Jessica Simpson pumps, and gorgeous veil with a blusher, to her grandmother’s antique watch was absolutely perfect.  I’ve been dying to share these ever since we shot them! We even shot 2 rolls of film for her session and haven’t had a chance to get it developed yet, so I can’t wait to see how they turned out.  But here are a few favorites from her session for now.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Lubbock Wedding Photographer Megan Gafford Cannon's Bridal PicturesLubbock, Texas Wedding: Bridal Portrait in Doorway

Beautiful Bridal Pictures in front of Historic Lubbock Home

Brides Amarillo Bridal gown bridal portrait by Aric and Casey Photography

Beautiful Wedding Photography: Bride and Chandelier

Sexy and Romantic Bridal Pictures

Beautiful Lubbock Bridal Portraits

Lubbock Bridal Pictures: Bride sitting on Chaise

Romantic Bridal Portraits: Megan Gafford Cannon Bridals

Blushers and Lace Bridal

Lubbock Bridal Portraits: Blusher veil

Blusher Veil

Classic Bridal Portraits: Best Lubbock Bridal Photographer

Classic Beauty: Lubbock Wedding Photographer

Brides Amarillo Bridal Boutique Wedding Gown

Historic Lubbock Bridal Portrait

Dayspring Design Bridal Boquet


[…] and uniqueness of their home! You may remember some of the rooms from Megan’s bridal session HERE. AAH!! This wedding just makes me so […]

Margaret Gafford

We were thrilled with everything Aric and Casey did for us! The photos were fantastic and you were both so much fun to work with! We all enjoyed her “fairy tale wedding”- the pictures will bring back one of our most cherished memories as a family.

Aric and Casey ya’ll are awesome!!!! Meg’s bridals are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Ya’ll do excellent work!!!!!

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