so I took a little break from the madness of work today to edit and blog neil & tristen’s engagement pictures!
we made a last minute, spur of the moment trip to ft. worth this weekend to see my family and take pictures for neil & tristen! (my family loves it when I do that)
on saturday, Aric, my dad, and brother-in-law Jacob all went to a car show and drooled over all the cars and had some good ol’ “guy time”- while me, my mom, my sister, my aunt Davney and the two cutest little girls on the planet (my cousins) went shopping and had some fun “girl time” :).
It was great, then we took Sunday to hang out with Neil & Tristen, shoot some pictures, and explore downtown Ft. Worth on a cloudy, misty, day. So overall, the weekend was perfect. 🙂
Neil & Tristen are old friends’ of Aric’s and they are the sweetest couple you will ever meet. We are so excited for them and their upcoming marriage!!
Someone told me that Tristen loves black and white pictures, so there are quite a few more black and white’s in this post than I would normally edit-but it was fun!
hope you enjoy!
aric + casey

i don’t know why, but i loved tristen’s expression so much that i blogged basically the same picture twice- this one was from Aric’s view…

and this was from my view…i love it

tristen is gonna make one BEAUTIFUL bride, don’t you think?!

love this one…

i LOVED shooting in the city! so much fun!

and on a side note-these are those two most adorable little girls in the world! 🙂
My Aunt Davney is the most creative person I know, besides Aric, and she makes the cutest custom outfits, bows, jewelry, bags-you name it, she can make it. Anywho-she made these super cute Halloween shirts for my little cousins and I couldn’t help but share-I think everyone should have one! 🙂

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October 7, 2009
these turned out sooooo great! they are adorable! i definitely love the city shot too!
Brittany Strebeck
October 7, 2009
i love these! they capture neil and tristen perfectly.
October 7, 2009
OH WOW! These turned out great. Very nice.