Oh this family!! I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how thankful we are for them!  Most people know that we were nomads for almost 2 years before we were able to build our dream home with a designated front meeting room for our clients!  We dreamed and dreamed about it, we sold our house in 3 weeks, and for literally 2 years went from apartment to rental house, to…well living with these friends.  During the Fall/Winter of 2012 we lived with Brad & Tara in their spare guest room for about 6 months! Umm…talk about true friendship!  It was a beautiful, learning and growing process for us all and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.  Just a couple months after we FINALLY moved out, sweet Lainey joined them and she’s another beautiful little soul I can’t imagine life without!  She has the biggest smile and she lights up any room she walks in!  Aric is maybe…just a little…or a lot smitten with little Lainey – but I mean how can you blame him…just look at her! 🙂

I can  hardly believe it, but Lainey is having her first birthday in a couple weeks and Brad & Tara have since moved into a new home! So we did a little photo shoot to commemorate both special moments for this family!  Enjoy a few of our favorite photos from their sweet family session!

🙂Lubbock Family Photographer Lubbock Family Photographer lubbock family photography 0111_FAVORITES 0112_FAVORITES family photography 0117_FAVORITES 0119_FAVORITES lifestyle children's photographer lubbock texas

I’m serious here… Tell me you did not smile after looking at this next photo.  You just can’t help it! Lubbock children's photographer lubbock photographer 0127_FAVORITES 0129_FAVORITES lubbock family photography Lubbock family photographer 0138_FAVORITES Lubbock Lifestyle Family Photographer

And it wouldn’t be a true birthday photo shoot without a little cake smash! 0142_FAVORITES 0145_FAVORITES 0146_FAVORITES

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