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April 23, 2009

So, last week, we had Paige’s senior session scheduled for Thursday afternoon.
If you were anywhere near Lubbock, TX on Thursday, then you might remember the beautiful sunshining morning and the calm breezes around lunchtime, or you may remember the rain and the hail of the early afternoon, and the tornado warnings in the evening…
Needless to say, we rescheduled her shoot for the following Friday morning! And obviously, it was well worth the wait.
Paige is a gorgeous Senior from Lubbock High, who just recently got accepted to The University of Texas Business College-which I hear is kinda, sorta, really, a lot amazing! So basically this girl has it all, beauty and brains! She was a fabulous model and we had a blast hangin’ out with her during our shoot!
Hope you guys will enjoy some of our faves!
aric + casey


Of course I love all of your pics, but I’m still always amazed at your work and the fact that none of your shoots look alike. They are all unique to the individual you are shooting. You make them all special in their own way. Good job!

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