Since the beginning we decided to specialize in weddings and do our very best to create a quality experience for our clients!  6 years and hundreds of weddings all over the US & abroad we are still specializing in weddings and working hard to provide our clients with the absolute best!  We love a “pretty” picture as much as the next person does, but we believe that your wedding photography is much more than just the “posed” “pretty” pictures!  We take great pride in capturing all the special moments of your wedding day, including the ones that aren’t lit by the very best natural light- because those moments, more than the prettiest of “pretty” portraits are what you will look back on and it will make you FEEL something!  As we know each wedding and each couple are different, we’ve chosen to take a completely custom approach to pricing for each wedding!  Because of this we feel it’s best to meet you!  We want to know you and your love story more than we want to send you a list of numbers and fancy package names!  So call us! Or email us and set up an appointment to come meet us in our home office and let’s create a custom wedding photography package based on your own wants and needs!
Tailored Wedding Coverage begins at $3000

All Prices are Subject to State Sales Tax

Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice

We require 50% of the chosen package amount to book a session or wedding.

We allow clients to hold a wedding date temporarily with a non-refundable retainer, until the official Aric & Casey Photography contract has been signed by both parties; however, should a client choose to cancel during this period, the deposit remains non-refundable and will be retained by the studio.