this is and has been my reading material for the past few days/weeks/months…
actually its like half,but you get the point…
I have a tendancy to walk into book stores with one agenda, and walk out with 5 extra books that I just couldn’t pass up… Not only that, but I get home with those 6 books and I can’t help myself-I begin to read them ALL…AT THE SAME TIME!! (that’s not possible-but you know what I mean)
I’ll take one out-read the first chapter see the other 5 sitting there staring at me , begging me to turn over the cover leaf and dive into all the knowledge and information; all the excitement of plots, antagonists and climaxes that await me.
It’s a problem-I know.
The problem is it leaves me with a small library of books that are half read and collecting dust in my closet.
So I’ve made my first resolution of the new year. I will finish one book before I start another!!
Now, mind you, some of my reading material are school books, or wedding magazines, or reference type books-but I vow now to read only one book at a time (maybe two) and finish them before starting another.
If anyone is interested in starting a book club…I’m totally in. 🙂

In other news: For those of you wondering where the photobooth website is- we’re sorry!! We’re having a little trouble getting the site launched, but as soon as it’s up I will leave a link for it right here!
Also, we are getting together some Senior picture information- so if you are a 2009 high school senior and want some senior pictures that will reflect the real YOU, and of course pictures that you will LOVE- e-mail us!! (We even have a little surprise for those who book us!)
And last, the pictures of Jacie & Scott’s wedding are on their way!!-come back soon for those!! 🙂

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Brittany Strebeck
January 15, 2009
femenine appeal = best book ever. let me know once you start reading it!