lubbock cotton engagement photos

This awesome session was undoubtedly one of my favorites of the entire year and was super sexy!  Caroline called with a vision to shoot a Lubbock cotton field engagement session in the beautiful West Texas cotton fields…in a epic flowy red dress!  I was super excited!  Believe it or not, as Lubbock photographers we don’t get to do cotton field photos too often, because it’s a short window when they look good before harvest.  This engagement session was nothing but hotness…these two had crazy hot chemistry for each other and just looked like supermodels the whole time.  Photographer heaven.  We get asked a lot what couples should wear to a shoot – just check out this session.  Caroline bought this killer flowy dress just for this session.  It was straight out of a magazine, and Charlie’s sport coat (and style in general) was the perfect compliment.

We love the simple beauty of a field full of cotton.  So much of the local farmers’ time, work…blood, sweat and tears go into these fields, that it makes it very special view to West Texans.  Charlie actually travels all over the world working for a company that specializes in farming technology, so this was one of his fields.  It gave the session more meaning to them, and made the photos that much more special.  We drove about an hour away from Lubbock just for this field, and it did not disappoint.  I have never seen such tall, full cotton fields in my life.  Hope you enjoy these Lubbock cotton field engagement photos!lubbock engagementred engagement dress west texas cotton engagementengagement photo sessionlubbock wedding photographer lubbock cotton engagementlubbock couplecouple in cotton fieldromantic engagement session
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