Shari is officially my hero. In more ways than one. If you remember from her wedding in August-she wore chucks with her wedding dress, took portraits in a laundry mat, and served ice cold dublin dr. pepper at her reception. That’s my kinda girl. So when I got the email inviting Aric & I along for a little trash the dress session I was over the top ecstatic! I mean, trash the dress is like…VERY hard to come by–but trash the dress with Shari-the fearless?!?! That’s once in a lifetime.

We had a blast! Shari was up for anything- getting inside and on top of dirty old trucks, wading through creeks, and yes, even taking a dip in a mucky Lubbock playa lake! The day was completely overcast as we wished for it to actually rain on us, but instead we got something better. Just as we were leaving one of our last locations there was a break in the clouds and the sun shone through at the most perfect time. I mean, I couldn’t have planned it better myself. It was truly amazing.
Shari & her husband Dane do their own photography as well so check out some of the shots Dane got here.
And the coordinator of this whole event Stuart & Alison of Blalock video. Go check out the video Stuart made- it’s incredible!!!!
Thanks so much for the awesome time guys!! It was sooo much fun!!
aric + casey

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Kelly Ann
October 13, 2008
i ESPECIALLY love the ones where you just see her sillouette and the BEAUTIFUL clouds! amazing pictures!
Bobby Earle
October 15, 2008
These are so inspiring! I'm so intimidated by TTD sessions (never done one) and this only makes me more intimidated!!!


p.s. the clouds in all these?!?! Wowzers!
October 21, 2008
amazing stuff man, looks like you're doing well... Are you and Casey going back to Vegas this year?
Jillian Louise
October 25, 2008
these are great. i'm not sure exactly how i ventured here to your blog but i absolutely love these.
Broderick Grant: [+/-] Photo
October 30, 2008
Your use of light in these is nothing short of jaw dropping!
did I mention... WOW!

Never stop shooting and sharing,
Brody - Polarity Photo
Jenna Bourland
October 31, 2008
These are absolutely fantastic. I would totally do this with my dress. Why must you live so very far away...