She sat there smiling, with her sparkly silver TOMS… Hair and makeup being done at the same time.  She was the first to be ready. “I just wanna see Forrest!…”  “I can’t wait to see Forrest…”  She would say over and over again with the sweetest, giddy smile you’ve ever seen.  It was the morning of her wedding day, and nothing could be more important than seeing her groom…

He knew what she was thinking before she ever called… He was already on his way to the church, dressed and ready to go, because he knew her.  He knew she would want to be early, he knew she would want to see him as soon as possible and the fact was that he wanted to see her too.  He sat in the groom’s room, dressed, waiting for his bride to be ready to see him and he twittered: “…About to see Sharon for the first look, she is going to look so beautiful” Because nothing could be more important than seeing his bride.

Meet Sharon for the first time and you’ll love her already.  She’s just that type of person, a little scattered, talkative, excited about life… and Forrest balances her.  He works a little slower, talkative but still a great listener, and equally as excited about life even if he doesn’t show it quite as much as her.  I can’t begin to tell you…we absolutely fell in love with Sharon and her excitement for her wedding.  Though, she was put into difficult circumstances she never let it set her back and she smiled and laughed and got excited through the whole thing.

There are so many things about this wedding that make me so excited, besides the fact that we love Sharon and Forrest and they make the most beautiful couple!! Sharon did a wonderful job with the help of our favorite wedding planner Jill to see her vision of yellow come alive for her wedding.  Every detail was carefully thought out and planned, even down to her lemon cake by Sweet Temptations… The flowers by Garden Works were gorgeous, the perfect favors inside “prescription bottles” because they are after all about to be Dr. & Dr. Gnagi… It was all perfect.

So I’ll let you enjoy some of our favorites from their day!

P.S. Notice there are A LOT of portraits… Sharon and Forrest had a first look and allowed for TONS of time for us to take portraits of the two of them, their wedding party, AND all family formals before the wedding… If pictures are important to you on your wedding day it’s best to plan your day this way!!

Congratulations Sharon and Forrest!!  Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day, thanks for letting us into your lives!! We love you guys!!


Wow y’all are great photographers! These are the kind of pictures I aspire to take. Might I ask where their reception was heald? It was beautiful! I love the yellow and white..

Ok, you guys deserve more than one comment on this post… actually you deserve hundreds!! Totally fabulous!! You make it look easy, but I know that what you did was not easy. I am highly impressed!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful 🙂

These are great! I love the dress shot and the sunset portraits! Ya’ll rocked it!

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