Today we took a snow day, along with much of the rest of Lubbock…

I didn’t touch my computer…except for basically right now…

We slept in late, played games of scramble on our phones in bed, then got up and made cinnamon rolls and had coffee…all the while brainstorming ideas of what to do with the beautiful snowy weather.  So we called around and finally found some friends who weren’t in class or at work and planned a super fun outing with them, and it just so happened that couple was one of our most recent newlyweds, Brian & Kelsey!! 🙂

Anyway, we had so much fun hanging out and playing around in the snow, and yes, believe it or not, this was my first time ever to go tubing in the snow!! It was a blast! And well worth the freezing fingers and toes. 🙂

Aric + Casey

of course it wouldn’t be complete without a snowball fight!!

Now time for some sledding/tubing! 🙂

yep, that’s me. haha

and we had to get at least one picture of us! come on! 🙂


Awe! FUN STUFF! I can’t believe we never did any snow tubing with you. :o( Hope the day ended with some hot chocolate.

omg!!! i loved these! looked like ya’ll had tons of fun, and i love that you got a picture of yourselves as well! love you 2…

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