June 22, 2008

For the lack of posts lately.  It’s been a little crazy around here.  Finishing up with school, working on orders, attending weddings of friends, and working full time jobs–we’re finding it a little hard to breathe sometimes.  Plus having a few technical difficulties with the ol’ computer (it’s time for a clean…) Don’t give up on us yet! I promise a post with lots of pictures at least by the end of the week-if not the middle!!  

…aaaand if it doesn’t happen, I give you permission to send Aric all sorts of dirty emails telling him to hurry up! hahaha, just joking-don’t do that…
But DO, check back in a few days–for some totally rad aric alan | photography originals!
They are coming I promise!  
And in the meantime–since I have no pictures right now…head over here– to my old blog, for one of my favorite recent shoots–(in case you haven’t seen them before!)
: )
aric + casey
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