This poor lonely blog!  We have been on the go non-stop for the past couple of weeks and I just haven’t had a chance to really sit down and put something on this blog that I felt was worth reading.

We’ve been shooting and editing and learning…but most of all, this month has been a season of renewing.  I spent from Sunday to Wednesday of this week with a group of 6 girls that completely blow me away.  We all met at a photography workshop in 2008 (right before Aric proposed to me!!) and have been able to get together about once every 6 months or so since.  Last year we met up in Dallas, TX and this year we made a trip down to Leesburg, FL.  And to be 100% honest, the fact that we stayed in a retirement community (one of the girls parent’s vacation home) and were about an hour away from anything that would be considered cool or fun to do in Florida I wouldn’t have changed the time with them for anything.

Of course we talked business and carried our cameras everywhere and then talked business some more… but the most meaningful times were when we were sitting on the back porch during a torrential downpour just listening to the rain and chatting, or when we were laying on the beach in total silence…just enjoying the moment for all that it was.

I love these girls.  They encourage me, they make me laugh, they truly love and care for little ol’ me and make me feel that way, they challenge me, they pray for me, they tell me I’m beautiful (and every girl needs to hear that from time to time) they teach me things like how to cook a good meal, or how to “overpower the sun”, or how to be a better wife… They love the Lord and encourage me to love him more…  I could go on…

I wanted to share just one picture of us from the beach… (sorry for the poor quality I just stole it from facebook…) And though this poor blog has seemed like a dessert during this month of April, May promises to bring much fruit… That’s true for my heart too. 🙂

Thanks girls, for loving me. For making me laugh and encouraging me. But most of all for just being who each of you are.  God shines so distinctly through each of you, and He used you all this weekend to stir my heart for Him.  I’m so so thankful!

Here we are from left to right:

ME! 🙂

Meaghan Elliott (whom I stole the picture from, thanks meaghan!) –

Janet Wisner –

Jan Schill-

Holli Brewer-

Tisha Shuffield –

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and even better weekend!!

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April 23, 2010
You are BEAUTIFUL Casey and blessed with some AWESOME friends for life! I love your name (my daughter is Kasey) and LOVE the color PURPLE:)
April 23, 2010
Thanks Casey! You just made me cry and mess up my make up! Love you tons and am privileged to call you my friend! Love Love! ~Tisha
April 23, 2010
oh sweet casey. my flying buddy. i'm with tisha. if i had makeup on, i would've ruined it by now. what a beautiful post. love you all so much. love watching everyone love Jesus. love being silly. love learning. love being. period. thank you for this.
April 23, 2010
Casey, you are a delight. I love you dearly. Holli
April 23, 2010
wow! casey... you are amazing!!! i love you so, so much & cannot wait to see your sweet face again! you're truly "silent but deadly" in all the best ways!!! blessings to you deary!!!