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June 26, 2008

I have my final exam tomorrow–(pray for that A!) So Aric graciously cooked dinner and did some work to let me study for my test. We took a little break to go visit our friend Aaron up at Starbucks, and do the whole coffee shop “thing” where I studied some more and he did some more picture editing. (I’ve just gotta be the luckiest girl around–i know) Anywho, I got tired of the studying and took a much needed break to help Aric edit…

The past couple of weekends he has been traveling all over to some of his friends’ weddings… Now what could be a better setting to break in his new camera than takin’ a few pictures while he’s there?!
So during my break from studying we did a little tag team–the following (AWESOME) pictures were taken by the main man himself and they were edited by yours truly. : )
We’ve never really done that before so it was fun! Anyway, I just wanted to share these for now, he’s working on a whole batch from all the different weddings and he will post them later on, so come back in a few days for those!

aric + casey

Mark Brooke Photography

awwww I love these! your blog looks great! way to rock it. I am hooked on your blog. candice

Where do I begin explaining how freaking jealous I am of that first photo and its flare? Just tell me where and I’ll start…

Seriously though, insanely beautiful!


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