Ok so I have to admit that it’s been quite a while since I (aric) have posted on our blog. That’s because the woman that stole my heart, love, and attention, also stole my breath with her writing during the first days that we met. Casey has a unique gift to transform people’s dreams, joys, and emotions into beautiful and amazing literary masterpieces. The first time I read the things she wrote, I fell in love with the way that she could capture the special sparkles in the most routine of events. This is why I devised a plan into tricking her into taking over the once “my” blog and turning it into ours. We already shot every session together and shared just about everything, but I secretly dreamed of showing her work next to mine. Casey is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and her grace, love, acceptance, and patience teaches me of a greater Love daily, and for that I’m thankful. 🙂 Anyway, it’s been a fun road that we’ve walked recently…we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing peoples’ special wedding days, we’ve had the opportunity to make friends with some amazing photographers in our region (whom we are still learning to keep up with), and we’ve had the ridiculously overjoyed experience to have some amazing photograhers visit our blog and comment on our work. But we are still ironing out the kinks of quality changes in our posted images, trying to curb blog posting droughts, and workflow questions and confusions…but I just wanted to use this post to thank some people out there who we consider friends in high places!! 🙂

-To brittany strebeck for arranging the most special day of our lives, the day she introduced casey and i, and also for all her love, support, and help in figuring out how to start a photo biz from scratch
-To jason from table4photography for his amazing friendship and help since the first day we met and willingness to help and encourage constantly and consistently
-To cristy cross for all her tips and teaching since, and more importantly for the inspiration to begin this journey
-To marco and joe from jcogliandro photography who befriended us at WPPI and encouraged us to chase our dreams and generously offered their help, support, and wisdom that week and for many to come, they were our first big-time photographer friends
-To bobby earle & his precious linds for the blog love and amazing encouragement
-To mike colon for his unabounding wisdom that he shared most likely unknowingly at a workshop in Dallas, and for his kindness, care, and passion to share his gift and journey with others
-To jasmine star for encouraging casey to use her gift, for us to never be afraid of following our passion, and for her kindness and amazing spirit which encouraged us immensely when we met at WPPI
-To jessica claire and lauren clark who’s images’ amazingly vibrant color once shed a specially beautiful light on the dream shooting wedding photography that got lost in the shadows
-To shannon sewell who inspires like no other…her images show life, laughter, and love like we on day wish to, she also generously complemented our work!
-To all the photographers across the nation and globe that are so amazingly willing to share heir knowledge, tips, stories, work, and stories about how they braved the journey to chase their dreams…we feel so blessed that they would do so much for someone whom they’ve never met…it is because of them and their generosity that we are able to push through the hard times and chase our dreams…the photo community has created a uniquely special industry

Well…on to the images!! These are some pictures I shot at a few of the weddings that I attended and decided to play the ghost wedding photgrapher. Although another photographer actually shot the wedding, I couldn’t help but grab a few shots of the gorgeous weddings of some of my best high school friends…plus my better half couldn’t make it for these weddings so I had to distract myself. 🙁 Thanks again for all the love and support…please comment!!!! It makes our day and thanks again for stopping! Hope you love them!

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July 21, 2008
You guys post the most amazingly gorgeous pictures I have ever laid eyes on, no joke. So talented. Thanks for sharing.
Ricki Ford
July 22, 2008
these are awesonme very beautiful work
July 22, 2008
out of the park...