he said she blew him off. she said he had a girlfriend….whatever the reason-the first time these two met wasn’t going to be the last. two years later, they met again…and the rest is history. simple as that. call it fate. call it destiny. they were meant to be together, and it’s obvious for anyone to see. whether it’s the way he makes her laugh, or the look she gets on her face when he draws her near- their interaction reflects pure and utter adoration for one another-and it was simply breathtaking to witness on the other side of our cameras!
aric and i had the best time hanging out with these two! so much so, we ended up making a double date out of our outing and took them to aric’s favorite restaurant Dion’s for the very first time! kevin is even an accountant so he gave us all sorts of good information about our taxes! 😉
enjoy some of our favorites from their session!
aric + casey

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