Tripp- the coolest two year old I know

April 13, 2008

Meet little Tripp! He is the man…me and Casey had such a blast hanging out with this little guy. He is Matt’s nephew and loves Matt, in fact he called me by his name for Matt when I walked in..”Matt Matt” he said, hahaha. Anyway, Tripp is about to turn two, so his parents asked us to take some fun pictures of him so they could try something different than the traditional WalMart studio shots. Tripp was very talkative and had a blast playing with bugs, and tractors, and everything else around us when we were hanging out, and we just tried to catch some fun shots to show the world the life of little Tripp.



Now, tell everyone the truth- Casey took all those didn’t she… 🙂

Seriously, good shots A-Roc

fun images man, I love doing kid shoots! they give the most natural expressions

OMG! They are soooo good!! I love the family shots so much! I don’t even know how it’s possible, but you just seem to be getting better and better… 🙂

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