Today is an exciting day-for several reasons… But one in particular is the most exciting…

We are getting a new camera!!!!! Yes indeed. Aric got himself a D300 (click for all the juicy details on this rockin’ camera) to replace his D80, and Boy, Oh Boy I can’t wait to steal it from him!! haha (just joking) But seriously, we love our Nikon cameras! & ever since the trade show at WPPI in Las Vegas we have both been lusting over that beautiful D300 camera with all of it’s revolutionary details and what not…
So he finally caved and got one-as for me…I’ve got a bit of saving to do (taking donations if you’d like to help out-ha!) before I can jump on that bandwagon-but I do get to have his D80 now!!! (So basically-new camera for both of us!!)

It IS an exciting day!!…

Plus we are shooting some engagements tonight!-what could be more fun than that?

Can’t wait to share some of those–and of course some of the random snaps I can sneak of Aric with his new camera!! Check back for those later!!

And just so this post won’t be completely boring with no pictures–here’s a little shot I took of Katy’s shoes during her Bridal session…(I soooo wish I could post them all…but that’s apparently bad luck or something–haha)

Anyway-Hope you all are having as blessed a Wednesday as we are!!

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DnB Photograpahy
June 11, 2008
I say we both jump him for the camera and take turns sharing it, I'll get the camera on Sat & Sun and you can have it weekdays ;) LOL!