Do you remember that one time that I said I’ll never shoot newborns?  Haha…It’s so funny how things work out sometimes!  It made sense for Aric & I to “specialize” in weddings when we were starting out.  That’s where we were in our own life stage!  We were getting married, our friends were getting married… It just fit!  And to be honest at the time newborns SCARED me! 😉  Now that we are pretty much surrounded by them, and every day a new friend tells us they are pregnant it was inevitable that I would find a love for shooting newborns as well!

When I first started I did – what I think most people do… I ONLY photographed the newborn!  (I mean that’s the purpose of a newborn shoot, after all…)  But after a couple years of shooting them I’ve felt like something was missing in the sessions.  It’s great and sweet and fun and wonderful to have lots of images of these precious sleeping babies – but what about their family?  What about Mom and Dad?!  The interactions between new parents and their newborn are truly priceless and I regret not having figured that out sooner!!  From now on all newborn sessions will include shots with the parents as well!  I understand if a new mom who has just given birth doesn’t feel like being in front of a camera and I’ll always respect that decision!  But I do believe the pictures are worth it! 🙂

Everyone meet sweet Uriah Luke & his adorable parents Paden & Mckenna! Isn’t he just the sweetest?!
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