I’m so, so, so, so, so excited to share these with you all!! Yesterday Aric & I had our engagement pictures taken by the ever so fabulous Lauren Clark!!

We officially have a new found understanding of all our couples and seniors when we take you guys out for your pictures.  We were ridiculously nervous. We couldn’t decide what to wear. We couldn’t decide what would match. Aric couldn’t decide whether to shave his head or not. I couldn’t decide how to fix my hair or wear my make-up… you see where I’m heading with this. 
I’m always amazed at how our clients are like pros in front of the camera.  They always make it look so easy.  But I’m here to tell you, it’s tough being a model! 
Aric & I had a blast yesterday.  We got to cuddle, and kiss, and laugh, and be models for the day and it was so fun.  We hope that all of our couples have as good a time during their session as we did in ours!  
Lauren is amazing!  She and her work have been one of the biggest inspirations in our journey through building our business.  Her work is always so colorful, so fun, and so stylish! (all things that we love and strive to accomplish with our own work)
We love the pictures so much, and can’t wait to get one…(or a few?) blown up on canvas to put in our new home in a few months! 
I stole a few from her blog to show you guys here, but head on over to her blog to see the rest!! 🙂
**On a side note- this is aric alan | photography!! Lately we’ve seen that people don’t know that we always shoot together, or they don’t really know who we are!! That’s completely our fault and we’re working on ways to make that more clear!! Trust me, changes are coming…we promise! LOL 
aric + casey

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Brittany Strebeck
April 14, 2009
yesss you guys totally rocked your engagement session. lauren did such a good job. way to be models and stuff!
lauren clark
April 14, 2009
Aw, thanks for the shout out!:)