I don’t even know where to begin to explain how thankful I have been for the last week! Life has been crazy. And honestly it only seems to be getting crazier! But oh how refreshing was this sweet vacation! I love traveling with Aric. He truly is the best companion for me. Life is so much brighter, and funnier and simply more beautiful when I’m with him. So getting to go on vacation with him AND our sweet friends Matt & Jessica- was basically ridiculous! (You might recognize these two from their wedding or engagement sessions we shot last year!! You can see those here or here )We had so much fun. And relaxed. And goofed off. And drank wine. And saw the sights. And saw more beauty in the sunsets and wheat fields and vineyards than I’ve seen in a long time.  Not just because Napa Valley is beautiful, but because life is.

One night we drove down to the coast and took this tiny little windy road out to see this lighthouse called Point Reyes. Needless to say – we kind of missed the sunset. We were a little late getting out there and it was cold and windy and we had to walk half a mile once we got there to even see the darn thing! My first inclination was to be grumpy and annoyed that we spent all that time driving for nothing- and then suddenly I breathed deep the brisk air and looked out to the sun melting into the ocean horizon. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but ocean and shoreline… And when we finally walked that half a mile we couldn’t even go down to the lighthouse…but it was worth every step. Because in those moments nothing mattered. My freezing toes, and tangling hair, and dry eyes couldn’t begin to put a dent in the joy I was surrounded by. Literally all creation dimly lit by orange and blue and red dusk light- just vibrantly alive and still. And the views and the pictures and the stillness was so worth that long drive. Some days all I can see are those long windy roads and the freezing uphill walk – but I must continue to remind myself of the glory awaiting me at the end. It’s so worth it. 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy a few favorites from our vacation!

Napa Valley Sonoma Valley Vacation

Castle Winery in California

Vineyard Engagement pictures

Napa and Sonoma Vacation

Estate and winery Wedding Photographer

Rubicon Winery Tour

Rubicon Winery

Napa Valley Wine CountryNorthern California Engagement Photographer

Northern California Vacation Aric + Casey Photography

Point Reyes Lighthouse California

Silhouettes at dusk

Point Reyes California

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September 1, 2011
September 1, 2011
Love it! Just hearing you write about the beauty of the earth is refreshing! Thank you for sharing!
September 5, 2011
You guys are just precious! Glad you had a great vacation!