I’ve always been one of those people who admire others with a unique sense of fashion.  I have my days, where I can put together an outfit that looks pretty cool, or trendy, or fashionable…but the next 3 days I’ll spend in jeans and a t-shirt. And I like so many different styles that no one would ever look at my wardrobe and be able to pinpoint “my style” because it’s really just all over the place!  I think that’s why when I find someone who has a style and sticks to it- I just think they are the coolest people ever. 🙂

And so meet Micah and Lauren.  They are two of those people…who just so happen to be sweet friends of ours.  They are one of the very first couples we ever shot…and now here they are with the most adorable baby boy! The fun thing about shooting a couple like them with such a distinct and unique style is that the images that come from their shoot reflect exactly who they are.  We started in downtown Lubbock for a few quick photos and they already had other ideas in mind.  We ended up shooting a few shots in a local vintage type thrift store called The Famous, then finished up the shoot at their adorable home that just screams them!

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking… 🙂

I think this is what Koen thought of us and our cameras in the beginning… hahaha!

Haha, this face is priceless.  I think the more and more we shoot kids- the more you will catch me laughing hysterically in my office at the faces they make! We should start a caption contest for some of them…

I’m in love with this next picture.  It has so much character and it reminds me of really old photography where you always see families standing in front of their houses.  It’s one of those shots that capture this particular season in this young families life. You know what I mean?! I just love it!

Could this have been any more perfect?

Love this one too of Lauren & Koen. 🙂


The Famous is downtown right across the street from the bus station near the DVA… (don’t know the actual address…) Sorry! Hope that helps! It’s a super cool place!

where is The Famous?

this is by far my most favorite family session!

and i LOVE that one of koen laying on the floored turned back looking at you. THAT would be a MASSIVE canvas in my house (if it were my baby!)

beautiful job!

WOW!!! Enough said!

These are way cute! I wanna know where those boots are HELLO 49.98 what a sweet deal! Beautiful family!

I LERVE the ones in front of their house and on the steps… these are lovely, my friends

These are awesome! I love the ones with the boots and the old house!

These are beautiful!!! Love the colors, the style, and the mood… so pretty…

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