Where do I even begin?!

This week has been an interesting one to say the least, we had a wonderful trip to Albuquerque for Aric’s birthday plus a very important business meeting and then a shoot for this sweet family and sadly ended the week with both of us getting so sick, we were stuck in bed for almost two whole days! Not really the way we had planned to spend our first married Valentine’s Day, but we’ve got some something to remember about it right?!

Anyway, like I said, we had the pleasure of spending an evening with the Wallace family and taking them out for a quick little mini-shoot in the freezing cold.  The Wallace’s are pretty much family to us.  When I first met Aric and he took me back home to Albuquerque with him we stopped by to see Matt and Meg and we’ve stopped by almost every trip we’ve taken back there after that.  Matt was Aric’s student pastor when he was younger, and that turned into Matt and Meg doing our pre-marital counseling, and then Matt officiating our wedding.  They are the kind of people that you want in your life to look up to, to ask for advice, and just see an example of what Christ’s love looks like.  Even though we only get to see them a few times a year I leave their home every time feeling refreshed and excited about life and God’s will for our future.

They really are just a beautiful little family! Enjoy some quick faves from their shoot! 🙂

Aric + Casey

Look at that sweet face!

gotta love the smushed face. too adorable.

beautiful girls.

daddy is pretty funny…


Kate wasn’t really havin’ it with camera, but I love this shot…

she finally looked up at me, she’s beautiful! Just like her momma!

Even in the chaos of these 3 little ones, Matt & Meg are still madly in love…and it shows…

Aric took the kids to the car to warm them up and we shot a few more of just Mom and Dad…

Seriously Meg. Cut it out.



such a beautiful family! you captured their beauty well!

guys!! these are absolutely wonderful. such a gorgeous family.

Awesome job! What a beautiful family!


These are really great!

SO beautiful guys! Love the way you can capture the pop of the pink color. 🙂

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