Really though, who watched the royal wedding?!?! I know I’m not the only one.  What a fairytale. I loved it. Every second of it. Because of the hope it provided.  Little girls all over the world saw their dream come true through two human beings who are all in all not much different from you and me.  And when you sit back and realize that those fairytales happen every single day.  Every first date, every first kiss, every proposal, every walk down the aisle- how lucky are we that we get to be a part of those glorious moments on this earth.

Now when I say weddings everywhere I’m not just talking about William and Kate- I’m talking about weekend after weekend getting to be a part of capturing those fairytales for our sweet couples! I know…I pinch myself constantly to remind myself that this is real life! 🙂

With all these weddings happening I’ve gotten a tad bit behind! Yes, It’s true. Three of our weddings have yet to be blogged and we are heading out the door to a 4th this weekend! 🙂  But I promise I’m working on things! Catching up, prioritizing and we have a really exciting announcement coming soon so stay tuned!

But for now here are a few teasers of things to come!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Shot this precious couple’s engagement session on Wednesday! Can’t wait to share it!

Here’s one from Lauren and Tyler’s rustic, romantic wedding at Spirit Ranch a couple weeks ago!

And lastly here’s one from James and Sharon’s very classic and beautiful wedding at Rice University in Houston from last weekend!

More coming from these and more soon!!


Yes, I admit I was up watching the Royal Wedding with a few ladies from work. I guess we all love fairy tales and romance. You and Aric get to be a part of “royal weddings” and fairy tales on a daily basis. How envious are we!

Beautiful pics! Can’t believe it was like only yesterday you were in Brisbane. Congrats and Goodluck! Hope to see you guys soon!

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