At least until Friday…when we leave again for Casey & Analisa’s wedding… 🙂 So much to do in just a few days! I’ve got lots planned…we will see if it actually happens! December is going to be one of the more crazy months we’ve had…(And I thought things were supposed to be slowing down a bit?!?)

The photobooth is going to be a practically every Christmas party that Lubbock has to offer! 😉 Plus one of our weddings! 4 weddings in 3 weeks… And hopefully wrapping all of those weddings up before CHRISTMAS!!! Can you believe it?!?! This year feels like it has only lasted a couple months.  I wish there were a pause button for life. I don’t want to miss out on anything…or take anything for granted…

If you’re waiting for a reply to an email… I’m working on it.

Putting in a print order by the end of the night, finishing up a few albums, etc, etc, only to begin again this weekend… AH!! I hope I can keep up!

Anyway, I thought the blog was feeling a little neglected so here are a few teasers of what didn’t get blogged before we left, plus a teaser from the wedding in Cancun! 🙂

Here’s one from Kira & LC’s rustic engagement session. 🙂

And one from the Stevens Family fun family session!

And here is one from the “Day Before” pictures we took of Liz & Tom in Mexico the day before their gorgeous Destination wedding!

Then last but not least a few of the Wedding Day Portraits from Liz & Tom’s Destination wedding in Mexico!! Beach and water pictures will never get old to me! So romantic!! 🙂

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